Agami DesignAgami 

Is a Sanskrit word, which defines all actions of the present life, expected to bear fruit in future. This is also our philosophy

Our objective is to create spaces that would not only guarantee comfort, aesthetics and functionality, at the same time providing a pleasant, healthy and ecological place of work and rest.

Agami Design is a design studio operating in Spain, with headquarters in Barcelona. Our clients are mainly foreign investors who have decided to live in Spain temporarily or permanently. Many years of professional experience in this beautiful country enables us to offer our customers efficient and professional assistance in terms of architectural and interior design, work execution and investment advice. Our additional advantage is perfectly understanding of the problems that may face people who decide to live in Spain.

Our services are also directed to the clients from Europe, to whom we provide the design directly from the town of architects, sunny Barcelona!


The team

Agata – founder and the leader of the studio, is an architect with over ten years of professional experience in significant architectural offices in Europe. During that period, she was participating in elaboration and execution of divers projects, including: interior design, residential, commercial, public spaces, airports, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings among others. Theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience gained while working on the objects in Poland, Spain, UK and the United Arab Emirates contributed not only to improve her professional skills, but also gave her the opportunity to work in an international environment and the ability to serve customers from all over the world, speaking several languages.

Apart from being an architect, Agata is passionate about theater and is currently working on her doctoral thesis in the field of the theater architecture, at the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

Cecilia - architect with several years of experience in international architectural offices in Europe. In Agami Design she is takes care on the graphic part of the projects. She is responsible for the realistic representation of the proposed solution with the help of computer visualizations. Her passion is to create architectual visualizations of the projects, with near-photographic quality, paying special attention to the faithful reproduction of finishings and fittings, colors, textures and the play of lights and shadows in our project proposals. In addition to the professional work as the architect, Cecilia is passionate about artistic photography and press photography.

Juan & Gustavo - the heads of our executive team in Spain. They have over a decade of experience in construction and excellent knowledge of the local building materials market. They lead a group of qualified professionals from various fields of construction industry: electrical instalations, gas facilities, water, air conditioning, masonry work, finishings and decorative works. Also, they have qualifications at work at heights and facades renovations.

They are football fans, loyal supporters of the national team of Argentina.